What Is The Gospel?

The gospel plain and simple is that, according to God’s Word, we are all sinners from birth and deserving of eternal punishment and separation from God in a literal place called Hell. This is not a unique problem that only some of us have but is the condition of the whole human race (Romans 3:10, 23; Romans 6:23a). That’s the bad news. The good news is that God in His great love for us has made a way, only one way, to remedy the problem of sin and to enable us to spend all of eternity with Him in Heaven. That way is Jesus.  He is God in the flesh, the spotless Lamb of God who took the punishment for sin that was due to us on Himself and died in our place. He completely satisfied the righteous demands of the law and the holiness of God (Romans 6:23b; 5:8). Afterwards, to seal His victory and ours, He resurrected from the grave victorious over death (1 Corinthians 15). With all of that completed, the only thing left is for us to respond to His call by faith and the bible says that we will be saved (Romans 10:9-13). If this is something that you would like to do then please pray a simple prayer of faith like, “Dear Jesus, I know that I am a sinner and that the only way for me to go to heaven is through Your work on the cross. Jesus, I believe that You died and rose again and I confess You with my mouth and ask you to save me from my sin. In Jesus’ name amen.” If you prayed this prayer would you please contact us by clicking the link below and let us know so that we can get some information to you and pray with you.