Welcome to the Awana Ministry Page


The Awana program has been an important and effective part of our church ministry for many years.  We believe that genuine exposure to the Word of God in a child's life will have a lasting effect, and this is exactly why we put so much effort into making sure that the Awana program has everything it needs.  We effectively train our leaders, teachers, and helpers and seek to promote unity within the team.  We engage the children with challenging lessons, quality worship, and genuine encouragement.  Our goal is to see kids come to Christ and grow and mature in their faith so that they, in turn, can go out and make disciples fulfilling the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20).  For more information on Awana Kids please visit their website www.awana.org

Meet Our Team

Brent & Lori Wilfong

Meet our Awana Commanders, Brent & Lori Wilfong.  They have been faithfully running the Awana program here at Squaw Creek for the last 3 years, but have been heavily involved with Awana for many years.  They have a great love for children and a true desire to see them grow into the men and women that God has called them to be.  They believe in the effectiveness of the Word of God and that it will not return empty, but will accomplish what the Lord pleases (Isaiah 55:10-11).  They are exciting and energetic leaders that inspire the troops to work as unto the Lord and they promote an attitude and atmosphere that pleases the Lord.

Left to Right: Dustin Roskop (Games), Mary Lou Lindaman (Cubbies), Kelly Stickley (Sparks), Shirley Ratzlaff (Cubbies), Jennifer Gericke (T&T)

From Left to Right & Top to Bottom: Hunter Ciha, Drue Grey, Anne Cunningham, Ruby DeWitt, Jenny Ciha, Linda Dean, Caryl Huesing, Leann Knupp, Judy Fries, Joe Fries, Dick Groth, Shilecy Dooley, Tammy Mysak, Rich Dean, Jeff Stickley, Deb Loutinsky, Nicole Welton, Devin Larimore, Jim Donar

Nightly Themes

Wednesday, February 14th, "Have A Heart For Jesus" - Students get candy for passing sections in their book

Wednesday, February 21st, regular club night.

Coming Events

Wednesday, February 28th, "Jammies Night" - Wear your favorite pajamas (remember modesty please)

Parent Responsibilities

Our mission in Awana is to assist your child in learning and understanding the Word of God.  You can help us more effectively by doing the following...

1.  Please have your child at the church on time (between 6:15-6:25 p.m.).

2.  For security reasons, the doors will be locked as Club begins and will reopen at the end of the night.  If you are late or need to pick up your child/children early, please contact Lori Wilfong so that she can let you in.  If you need her contact information, please contact the church office (319) 377-4307.

3.  Help your child to be in uniform and bring their handbook.

4.  Encourage your child to work on their books at home (Scripture is to be memorized as well as the reference).

5.  For safety, we encourage kids that they wear tennis shoes so that during the game time they don't slip or get stepped on by a clubber with shoes on if they are barefoot.

6.  As a safety measure PLEASE escort your child/children to and from the building.

7.  Please be punctual when club is over.  We have many leaders that also need to get children home for the evening.